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"Every woman is born beautiful! Every size, every height...we simply need a world stage that finally proves it. You simply need to believe you can! You belong in the spotlight! You are born to be different, be you...she is enough."

The Girl Behind the Crown

Every story has a meaningful journey that's beautiful and unique...

This story started with a young 4-year-old girl who desperately wanted a trophy just as taller as her, like her big brothers on the fast track to the pros. In the mail, she got an invite to participate in a pageant and get a trophy.

So, this shy girl begged her mom and asked for a yellow dress like Princess Belle, so that she can get on stage and collect her trophy. 

And then she became addicted to pageants in addition to dance school. The stage and the lights. Still shy, but something changed when she hit the stage. 

As she grew up, she made lifelong friends. Learned valuable lessons. But she cried many nights when she didn't win because she didn't feel like enough. Maybe it was her hair? Maybe it was her? 

And she lost A LOT over 100 competitions...most people would have quit...

Don't Count Yourself Out!

Her wise mother, to her own demise, encouraged her to keep dreaming because, in her day, a second-generation Barbadian girl from Brooklyn, New York - a girl like her didn't have the opportunity to become the next Miss America or even a ballerina on Broadway.

So she chose to believe her daughter could.

So her parents supported her dreams, no questions asked, any of them even the short-lived ones.

Like soccer (don't even ask)...


tennis (totally not Serena)...


horseback riding...


flute...vocal lessons... get the point. 

The pageants were fun. Pageants became her sport.  Community service became the natural extension of her heart's position of gratitude. Giving was instilled in her heart at a young age passed down from generations.

"Whatever, you have you always give your best"...she was taught you always serve. 

Pageants was an escape from the normal dance recital, AP classes, and church choir practice. This is where she got to dress up, show up to shine, and use her voice. 

What She Didn't Know Is That Her Life Would Change Because of Pageantry!

She would be equipped with tools in her arsenal to nail any job interview, deliver a public address to a room full of Senators and get a standing ovation, get featured in the media, be in parades, be recognized 3x by state officials for community service...

Plus so much more.

In 2015, she hung her heels after achieving more than she dreamed. After 2 Teen state titles with a prestigious national system, becoming an international ambassador...

She won Miss Pennsylvania US International and placed as a semi-finalist at the National competition in one of the oldest international pageant organizations in the world.


Talk about dreams coming true.

That little girl, now a young mompreneur and wife had no idea that one day her crown would be a stepping stone that enables other women with a sweet-heart to find their confidence, impact their community, and accomplish their dreams.

Sable and Barbara are pageant veterans and your next biggest cheerleaders. Behind every crown is a story, one that can inspire change...

One that can develop character...

One that can show nice girls you don't need to change to win...

You simply need to believe you can! 

That's where we come in to help you to unlock the unstoppable winner inside of you.

A crown is just the shiny proof of what you already knew was true.

Everyone has a crown, whether it's tangible or an invisible one, both are priceless...

That is the truth that enables you to SHINE!

Sable and Barbara, cosmetology teacher/salon owner & RN by day, life ambition is to help their girls identify their WHY, develop confidence and embrace their purpose. 

(It's a beautiful job!)

*cue your theme song!* 

Sable's theme song is Gonna Fly Now (Rocky)!

Barbara's theme song is Ain't No Stopping Us!

DM Sable on Instagram @sablealbanese, tell her your theme song!

Our Core Values

sweet philosophy


Everyone is Born Beautiful™

 every height, every size, every complexion & every hair type!


Treat everyone as you would

like to be treated


Be authentic, bold, courageous and always be kind


Charity is our heartbeat

Serve first, give your best


Never stop believing in your dream

Don't try, do


One person can make a difference so,

shine your light


Your Meaningful Crown™ Journey is your message.


Our Charitable Initiatives

Found at the core of the America's Miss Sweetheart Organization is giving. Service is a part of our culture. 

Without charity, we are nothing. 

Our Serve First, Open Heart organization's principle embodies the values of our team members and titleholders. It is truly better to give than receive.

In 2020, our titleholders fundraised over $1100 for Sweethearts for St. Jude and collected children's books. We expect to double our contribution this year.


We believe in lending a helping hand, getting involved, and in the pursuit of aggressively doing good for the greater good. Our delegates are positive female leaders who are dedicated to making a difference.


Award-Winning Pageant

2020 | 2021 Pageant Planet's Best in Pageantry Awards
Also Nominated for Best Teen Pageant ,Best Miss Pageant,Best National Pageant
,Best National Director and Best Prize Package 
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