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America's Miss Sweetheart Pageant Crowns Elisha Joy Danzik Miss Teen Sweetheart 2021, and Christa DeMaio Miss Sweetheart 2021

Nov 18, 2021

America's Got New Sweethearts Who Are Advocates of Body Positivity and Service

For Immediate Release (Bethlehem, PA) -  Studies have shown that at the young age of 13, over 53% of girls are unhappy with their bodies and the way they look. Unfortunately this number increases exponentially reaching over 80% by the time they reach 18, and with the rise of the digital age, those numbers are expected to increase even more. There has never been a more pivotal time for body positivity among young women, and the America’s Miss Sweetheart Pageant is on a mission to empower young leaders dedicated to ushering in a new era of body positivity for women everywhere, and serving their communities with passionate purpose.

Elisha Joy Danzik of Colorado has been named the first America's Teen Sweetheart during the 2nd annual national competition on October 30. The top 3 finalists are Monali Baker of Texas as the first runner-up, second runner-up Maria Stathakopoulos of New Jersey, and third runner-up Bailey Williams of Florida.

Christa DeMaio of New Jersey has been named the new America's Miss Sweetheart crowned by her predecessor Jessica Indio America's Miss Sweetheart 2020. The top 5 finalists are Vishali Baker of Texas as first runner-up, second runner-up Katie Pham of Massachusetts, third runner-up Kayla Stokes of Pennsylvania, and fourth runner-up Alexia Emuze of Virginia.

Eligible delegates may receive up to 5 years renewable merit scholarship up to $28,000 to Moravian University determined by the applicant's admissions counselor. Pageant participants must apply to Moravian University, be accepted and then apply for the merit scholarships. Merit scholarships are only for undergraduate studies. Other scholarship opportunities maybe available for delegates who qualify.

America's Miss Sweetheart receives $5,000 cash scholarship. Both national titleholders will be represented by Click Philadelphia and EFMM also receiving numerous prizes, travel, photo shoots and more.

The national competition consists of four areas of competition which are evening gown, swimsuit (Miss) & activewear (Teen), private interview, delegates have the opportunity to select their final phase of competition performing a talent or short speech in addition to a group forum coined "Heart Talk Live" where delegates discuss hot topics.

“Princesses look into the mirror, Queens look into their Kingdom. My message is to share with girls everywhere that no matter who you are or where you come from, You are a Queen!” - Elisha Joy, America’s Miss Teen Sweetheart 2021

“Ordinary people can do extraordinary things if they believe they can. I chose America’s Miss Sweetheart for the values it upholds: body positivity, leadership, and service. The delegates at nationals were all amazing women who embody the Sweetheart Organization. I am most excited to lend a helping hand to family and strangers alike our partner charitable organizations throughout my year of service. It is a huge honor to be crowned America’s Miss Sweetheart.” - Christa DeMaio, America’s Miss Sweetheart 2021

Dedicating their year of service to promoting body positivity and service. America’s Sweethearts have unwavering commitment to inspiring young women across the nation. America’s Miss Sweetheart purpose-driven vision has come to fruition.

To learn more about America’s Miss Sweetheart, please visit:


About America’s Miss Sweetheart

The America’s Miss Sweetheart pageant is a national scholarship beauty pageant for American young women promoting body positivity, service to their community, and unmatched leadership. Founded in 2020, the America’s Miss Sweetheart pageant serves local and national organizations associated with charitable partners such as Angel Tree, Feeding America, Charity Water, St Jude Children Research Hospital, American Heart Association, and much more. Standing firm in the belief that a crown is an outward reflection of one’s character and internal beauty, the America’s Miss Sweetheart Pageant seeks to redefine beauty and empower every young woman to embrace her authentic self and lead. The national prize package is valued at over $250,000 in scholarship and prizes including a 5 year renewable Merit Scholarship to Moravian University.


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