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America's Sweetheart Advances to World Competition

Dec 27, 2021

Christa DeMaio will represent the USA at first World's Miss Sweetheart Pageant

Christa DeMaio, America's Miss Sweetheart 2021, will be representing the United States of America at the first ever World's Miss Sweetheart competition! The World's Miss Sweetheart pageant is the epitome of the organization's vision to empower all women no matter their height, weight or size. It is time for a global platform like this - celebrating phenomenal women of every height, size with beautiful hearts.

World's Miss Sweetheart, America's Miss Sweetheart and America's Teen Sweetheart 2022 will spend their year of service together giving back and raising awareness for our charitable alliances as well as serving as body positivity role models. This stage is well over due. Sweethearts CEO, Sable Albanese said "Don't call us a plus size pageant and we're not a Ms. pageant. Our role is simply put the girls with the most beautiful hearts in the spotlight-she deserves! This stage is the breath of fresh air our next generation needs."

World's Miss Sweetheart delegates are currently being scouted. World Sweetheart is by invitation only from the World's Miss Sweetheart/America's Miss Sweetheart Organization. Delegates will represent their family heritage or nation at the body positive cultural celebration next summer. Delegates will receive a beautiful custom designed satin double row rhinestone sash, a beautiful rhinestone and Swarovski crystal crown, welcome gift bag and competition swimsuit by sponsor Kelly Cahill Collection.

The World's Miss Sweetheart competition consists of 5 areas of competition which are swimsuit, evening gown, private interview, group forum and delegates choice of either speech or talent. The contestants will also compete in fun competitions like national costume and modeling competition.

The World's Miss Sweetheart Organization strives to be a leading influencer in beauty, pageantry, fashion world by celebrating and esteeming women of all shapes and sizes. Service, body positivity and leadership are the cornerstone of The Sweetheart Organization.

The World's Miss Sweetheart pageant is scheduled for September 2022 to be held in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

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