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An Open Heart with Clear Vision

The Perfect Gift

As we approach the end of the year and celebrate this Holiday season, let's remember the true meaning for this season.

I went out to the store yesterday. I walked in the door and welcomed by the lines of full carts waiting to check out.

After just a few steps through the automatic doors, I walked out. The same greeter I said, "Hello!!" to I said, "Bye, Merry Christmas to you, too!" This is not what the season is about...

2020 has taught us so many lessons, like to:

  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable

  • How to be strong and present

  • Love, listen and strengthen relationships

  • Give generously

  • Be kind

  • How to pivot and prepare

  • Life is precious

  • How to be still and know

  • Share and use your talent

This season is not about how many gifts or things we can buy. Yet with an open heart and a clear vision we can find the perfect gift for a loved one. This gift can not be wrapped or delayed in parcel. Shout out to all the Santa Helpers, you deliver those packages!

I love giving gifts. The reaction on their face, the smile from ear to ear, the hug or tears!

Don't you love it?

The perfect gift, in my humble opinion, is the moments we share. How we love all throughout the year. Time is a gracious gift given to us each breathe. For those who struggle with finding the right gift, don't get too wrapped up (that was intentional). Think from the heart, remember the conversations you had and I bet you will remember something your loved one said. Not every gift needs to be expensive.

Be intentionally present, this week. Enjoy this season, take photos so you can reminisce later. It may be different than years past. But it will be even more special.

With an open heart and a clear vision, nothing is impossible. You are gifted, equipped and beautiful from the inside and out. The America's Miss Sweetheart Organization and I believe in you and your goals. We wish you a very blessed and joyful Christmas and Holiday Season.

The Sweetheart who Stole Christmas


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