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Do I Need a Pageant Coach?

Benefits of Hiring a Pageant Coach

For the newbie and veteran competitor alike, a pageant coach is your guide to the crown and helps your prepare for the competition. This eases common preparation hurdles and provides accountability. Do you need a pageant coach? No. Will a pageant coach be a great resource? Absolutely, yes!

Paperwork to Wardrobe to Runway Guide

Your pageant coach is not only your biggest cheerleader, a pageant coach is there to guide you from the best preparations of pageant paperwork to selecting a show-stopping wardrobe and improving your on-stage presence. So that, the moment you step into the pageant venue you put your best foot forward. Pageant coaches do not only assist in pageant prep but with mindset and platform development.

Find a Pageant Coach

Some pageant coaches have specialties. Should you have more than one pageant coach? We advise selecting one pageant coach and if necessary a personal trainer or nutritionist. Having too many opinions can cause stress and confusion for competitors. If you have more than one coach it is important to communicate with your coaches. This will ensure that there is open communication as well as your best interest in mind.

Specialty Training

Some pageant contestants choose to go with a pageant coach or group training options to improve in one specific area of competition. For example, the pageant interview is commonly the most nerve-producing aspect of competition. Instead of breaking out in a sweat or fumbling over your answer- hire a coach to help you better prepare and feel more confident. Each pageant contestant has different needs and experience levels. It is best to hire a coach who makes you feel comfortable and challenged at the same time. You will see the most growth when you believe in your coach.

Select Your Coach

There are many free resources available online provided by some of the world's best pageant coaches and advisors. Getting one on one or group training by a coach is the boost and personal attention you just may need. When selecting your pageant coach here are 3 things to inquire about:

  1. Pageant Success Stories

  2. Training or Education (What is your coach zone of genius?)

  3. Coaching/Training Styles

To Hire or Not to Hire a Pageant Coach

Do you need a pageant coach? No, but do you want to track your progress and get personalized attention. Do you want to get support through your pageant preparations that will help you throughout your lifetime? Your pageant coach will help you confidently present your best self throughout your competition. A great pageant coach is not only a coach. Your pageant coach teaches you, motivates you, guides you, inspires you, and believes in you.


Coaching helps you to reach your goals by enabling you to dream, plan and execute with support. Your pageant coach has been there or has played a major role in helping others just like you reach their potential. It is up to you. A pageant coach does not guarantee you win your next pageant, but a pageant coach's main objective is to prepare you to become the winner he/she believes you already are. A coach looks at your potential - believes in you and pushes you to be your best.

Here are a couple of awesome books to help you prepare for your next pageant:

Found anywhere books are sold.

The Sparkle Effect: Step into the Radiance of Your True Identity

Kristen Dalton Wolfe, Sheri Rose Shepherd

Beauty, Truth, and Grace: Pageant Coaching to Win on Stage and in Life

Alycia Darby Zimnoch

Creating Queens: Secrets in Pageantry

Suzy Bootz

Queendom: How to Reign in Pageantry

Janice McQueen Ward

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