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Introducing Your Sweetheart!

Hello everyone!

I am Jessica Indio, your America’s Miss Sweetheart! I am a graduate of the Manhattan based Fashion institute of Technology. Presently, I am pursuing my MBA with a certificate in Advanced Management through Champlain College. Education is a valuable tool, capable of helping us grow and reinvent ourselves. I look forward to where this chapter in my higher education takes me.

Along with my education, I have been fortunate enough to be the recipient of scholarships and recognitions, including: The Move-Look-Feel Fitness Scholarship, New Jersey Senate and General Assembly Citation of service recognition and a Gold President's Volunteer Service Award, meaning I completed 250+ service hours in a given year. Having these recognitions to commemorate and reward my work is both humbling and motivating, inspiring me to work even harder towards my goals.

I was bitten by the pageant bug when I was 19 and signed up for a local city pageant, placing as 3rd runner up and going strong ever since. Since then, I have represented six titles spanning several organizations, receiving awards for lifestyle and fitness, evening gown and interview, as well as participating in wonderful mentorship programs and building an amazing sisterhood.

What inspired me to participate in America’s Miss Sweetheart were the values outlined in this organization and how the phases of competition were laid out. I fell in love with their passion about all things charity, education, beauty, arts and community. These principles allowed me to combine my love for both service and the stage, granting me the opportunity to express a personal platform while also encouraging me to embrace my beauty. The evening-gown, double-phase interview, lifestyle and fitness, and delegates choice (talent or spokesmodel) encompassed everything I loved about various pageant organizations all in one place. It was easy to see that America’s Miss Sweetheart competition was going to help me capitalize on the skills I possessed, as well as foster growth in areas I wished to excel.

I am excited to see what the rest of my year of service holds and cannot wait for what the next class of women will experience on their own journeys to nationals in 2021. I look forward to the bright future of the America’s Miss Sweetheart organization and am excited for all the women welcomed into this sisterhood!

- Jessica Indio, America’s Miss Sweetheart


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