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Leverage Your Crown

How to Ignite the Power of your Beauty

The definition of leverage, according to Merriam-Webster:

1: the action of a lever or the mechanical advantage gained by it

Renew your mind. Redefine your beauty. Take action to step into your power, most effectively. This is how you leverage your crown. Through pageantry, countless contestants and titleholders have found great success by using their influence to spark attention, volunteer, and gain exposure for their platforms, business, or nonprofits. This has helped launch and sustain careers, build a strong future, and create a legacy for their family.

Power exists behind your beauty and we believe it is found within your heart. You see, outward beauty is fleeting-it fades away. But beauty found within your heart will never fade, it's that spark in your eye. It can be ignited and strengthened by conditioning your mind and developing a healthy self-image.

That is why we have created this Live Community for you. Join Leverage Your Crown on Facebook. Experts will share their secrets and best tips to help you prepare and leverage your crown!

Did you know there is a slight difference between self-confidence and self-image? Let's pull out the dictionary again, according to Merriam-Webster:

Self-Image: one's conception of oneself or of one's role

Self-Confidence: confidence in oneself and in one's powers and abilities

Self-Esteem: a confidence and satisfaction in oneself

Your image is your perception of what others think about you. Your confidence is what you believe you do can do, and esteem is your confidence in your identity.

A pageant is a personal development and team-based competition (because no one competes alone). The pageant is the experience, the big show. The power lives in the preparation. To leverage your crown, it is important to view the pageant as your stepping stool. It is what you use to help you propel.

America's Miss Sweetheart Organization's mission is to help catapult our titleholders to new heights and assist them in achieving their dreams. This does not just happen once, this happens through support, encouragement, and training. It comes through our relationship.

This is so important to us we've created an uplifting, supportive, and fun exclusive community for you. Click the link below to get instant access. You can join for FREE here:

See you on the inside!

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