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Promoting Your Platform During a Pandemic

How Compassionate Titleholders Lead through Crisis

COVID-19 seems to have affected every portion of life and the world of pageantry is no exception. From virtual competitions to the lack of in-person appearances, pageantry definitely looks different this year in more ways than one. For the titleholder who uses her crown to promote the platform she’s passionate about, stay-at-home orders can pose a huge barrier. Though times may be tough, there are still numerous ways to safely promote your platform and continue serving your community during the pandemic.

  1. Virtual Events and Appearances

Tired of Zoom meetings? We understand- but the time to maximize virtual communication is NOW! In lieu of face to face interactions, many organizations have opted for virtual summits, performances, and advocacy meetings so that volunteer work can be done safely from home. Even our own organization is hosting our “Leverage Your Crown” virtual summit to give titleholders and contestants access to some of the greatest pageant experts in the industry (be on the lookout for more information soon)! While they may not be your first choice, virtual events can put you face-to-face, well… camera-to-camera, with people who support you, your platform, and your goals. Leverage YOUR crown by researching and attending as many as possible or gather a group of friends and create your OWN virtual awareness event

2. Social Media Every pageant girl knows that social media is an effective way to brand yourself and bring awareness to the causes you support. Take advantage of something you’re probably already using by promoting your platform on your social media profiles. Social media is a great tool for fundraising and promotion efforts alike! Stuck on where to start? Create your own social media campaign! Think of a creative hashtag, and start posting informational graphics, old candid photos, and anything else you can think of relating to bringing attention to your causes and objectives. Find hashtags or other content creators who also promote your platform and look to them for inspiration. If you’re feeling comfortable, see if they’re interested in virtually collaborating!

3. Promote From Home If the online promotion is not your game, there are a variety of ways to bring awareness to your platform without leaving your room (except maybe to go to the post office…)! Break out your crafting supplies and create cards to donate to those in your community that could use a pick-me-up during these trying times. In a cleaning mood? Find items around your home to donate or create care packages for those in need. You can also use your voice by writing letters to influential community leaders who may be able to help you reach your philanthropic goals! While these efforts may seem small, they are still wonderful to promote your platform and benefit others. Whether you choose to dive into the world of zoom and virtual appearances or want to raise awareness offline, it’s important to continue promoting your platform and doing so safely. While this pageant season may feel different from year’s past, it presents an opportunity to get creative and truly focus on your personal goals. Use this time to think of promotional ideas for when stay-at-home orders are lifted. OR get started now using the ideas listed above! Regardless of the ways, you choose to promote your platform, remember to put yourself out there, be resourceful, and get your creative juices flowing! Share with us what you have been doing! Join our online community, My Crown, My Cause Take Action Challenge where girls just like you get inspiration, share ideas and find support to continue good efforts to serve our community and nation! Click here to join:

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