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Rise, Shine & Repeat

Take Your Place Girl, Rise, Shine, and Find Your Win!

How to Show Up Unapologetically

A pageant contest, in our humble opinion, consists of some of the nation's top and most accomplished women. Pageant participants prepare for the competition for months focused on mindset, fitness and communication preparations, and more. Through pageantry, many participants have been able to translate their success to other areas of life. All because the competition prepared her for that board room meeting, launching her own business or taking her place at the table-and building up her confidence so that if there is not a seat she is prepared to build another table! Pageantry enables you to gain confidence and gain exposure.

The Importance of Thinking Positively

Remember that saying that goes something like- "We are what we eat." We also are what we think. Write down your goals, set smaller attainable goals, and assign a time frame to your dreams. Watch your dreams come true. Thinking positive is only one portion of the success formula in life. Applying discipline alongside your goals will help you to achieve the impossible.

Take Action

After deciding you are 100% dedicated to your goal, and you've committed to thinking positively and staying discipline now it is time to take imperfect action. It is not about the big goal you have set for yourself - soon you will recognize it is about the person you are becoming through the process.

Show Up As Only You Can

The best performance at your next pageant, school, or work presentation will go to the person who shows up as the best version of herself. There is no need to be anyone's copy. You bring your best-prepared self and watch the "magic" happen. Your confidence will soar. Your drive will enable you to cheer for the girl next to you while dominating the show.


It comes down to this cliche and cheesy phrase. There is only one of you and that's your superpower. Remember there is no need for you to look left or right. There is only one person you should strive to be better than that's today's version of yourself. Your job is to wake up, rise and shine! Take your place, you have an important job to accomplish. Believe in yourself and find your win!


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