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The Top 4 Pageant Resources

Discover the top 4 pageant resources for all things sparkly, the low down on the glitz, and the scoop on the glamour! Newbie to the pageant world? Veteran pageant titleholder? Don't worry anymore these will be your favorite go-to resources!

Pageantry Magazine

Pageantry magazine has been covering the world of competitions for over 30 years. Our coverage of national and international events is unparalleled. Our esteemed group of expert writers will tell you everything you need to know to succeed… whether you are just starting out or sharpening your skills for that next big competition. Order now, and find out for yourself why Pageantry magazine is known as the “Bible of the Industry.”

I don't know about you but there's nothing like flipping the pages of a good ol' magazine. Pageantry is the pageant world "People Magazine"! No matter if you consume Pageantry by print or digitally, you will not regret it.

Check out Pageantry here:


Pageant Planet

Discover the resources you need to succeed

Find Pageants. Shop Designers. Hire Experts.

Pageant Planet is a pageant online guide for the newbie and veteran alike. There are over hundreds of helpful articles, checklists, and advice from industry experts and titleholders. There is even a podcast!

The planet's largest pageant resource on a mission to expand and connect the pageant industry. Follow us to learn how to succeed in pageantry and stay current with pageant news.

Visit Pageant Planet online at

Supermodel Unlimited Magazine

SU Magazine is a quarterly publication and the only magazine on the women's market that focuses on the entire modeling and beauty industry for over 20 years. Each issue is packed with fresh fashions, celebrities, modeling advice, new faces and more!

Supermodel Unlimited is the perfect balance of modeling, pageantry, and fashion.


Gladys Magazine Gladys Magazine is a quarterly, national magazine, and online source dedicated to helping busy people of all ages create and inspire change. Our editorial philosophy is one of positive encouragement and motivation.

Gladys Magazine is a great resource for positive inspiration and readers who want to inspire change. From its conception, this magazine has inspired its readers to give back and spread kindness. That is our kind of read. Learn more about Gladys Magazine: SUBSCRIBE TODAY! This list has been our number one resource and guide for all things pageant and beauty! Thank you to these amazing resources for the work you do. Share with us... What is your favorite resource?


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