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The Winning Qualities

10 Winning Qualities to Set You Apart from the Rest

What does it take to win? Winning is not just the person holding the gold medal or the crown at the end of the competition. Believe it or not, getting to the win is not always what it's cracked up to be. There is also character development that forms through performing and behaving like a winner.

Whether a champion pro athlete, Olympian, or pageant titleholder all high performers and ambitious winners have commonalities. These qualities are sought after and must be constantly groomed. The winning qualities require persistence and regular maintenance. Below is a list of 10 qualities attributing to having the qualities of a winner.


Doing the right thing. Following through on promises you made to yourself. Doing the thing even when you don't feel like it. Winners learn how to triumph over their emotions. Through practicing consistency. You need breaks, you need time off, you need consistent balance. To help strengthen your consistency it's essential to develop a plan. Realistic plans that are followed keep you moving forward to the goal. That's winning.


Staying committed to your goals creates strong habits. Strong habits turn into a relentless personality. Allowing you with faith to overcome obstacles. There will be curveballs, hurdles that can be anticipated, and surprise disappointments. How disciplined you become will assist you to remain firm. A disciplined heart allows your emotions to be heard. A disciplined mind allows you why to be pursued with a fire under you.


Knowing your why and defining a clear goal helps high performers. Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare. Both were running a race to finish the race first. Maybe the tortoise knew itself and found that pushing towards the finish line without stopping (consistent action) would lead ultimately to the most satisfying win. Keep your eyes locked forward. Don't compare because everyone's journey is unique.


A champion we believe does not solely win but finds a why to serves with generosity and a pure heart to serve. You can truly only win when you lead by serving others. "It is better to give than receive." This old as time saying is not just another wordplay - it is a divine principle of life. How can you serve or give to others?


Winners lead. Leadership in its best form is mentorship, coaching, relationship-driven action to help another succeed. Your personality and attitude do not need to a "certain way" to be the most effective leader. Women in leadership sometimes feel pressured to be aggressive, passive-aggressive, or let's call it what it is - downright rude. It is simply an old belief. Leaders come in many shapes and sizes. Developing healthy leadership practices will influence your personal life, career, and your service. It is a constant development throughout your lifetime.


Did you know that what you don't say is more important than the very words that come out of your mouth? Non-verbal communication is over 70% of the communication we interpret through our communications. It's clear communication we desire. What if someone you loved told you "I love you, okay!", with a frown and arms crossed - how does that make you feel? Not so loved, right? How about if the person you loved said the same words, "1 love you, okay!" with a huge smile, direct eye contact, and flush rosy cheeks? Communication is a two-way street. We may even underestimate the words and language we use about ourselves. A winner works to develop positive and clear self-talk. Examine how you talk about yourself -your thoughts form your beliefs.


Ever heard a child begging for a toy or asking on a long road trip anxiously, "Are we there yet? Consistency and persistency are the same. We like to explain the slight difference like this. Persistency is the winner's obnoxious pursuit of her goal that you can't stop me attitude. Think of persistence as the fuel to your car. And consistency as your gauge reading the commitment level you have towards it. It's the difference-maker in champions like Brady, P. Manning, Kobe, and Jordan- dare we add Michael Jackson and Beyonce in the music world to the list. Persistency climbs you to the top. It's a long road filled with unseen habits and failures.


Everyone needs a coach, mentor, or teacher. Winners are easily coachable and take constructive criticism well. Use it to make you better, stronger, and faster. A good coach is a mentor and teacher. Find someone who you can learn from and take copious notes.


Whatever you love or pour your time and attention to becomes the treasure of your heart. Be passionate not for material gains that will perish. Be encouraged to find the significance of your service. This gives your passion a fire that can not be turned off, that can not be dimmed.

Humble (Conclusion)

Last, but not least. Humble yourself. Humble does not equate with weakness. It is the strength of a true winner. A quality commonly overlooked and less glorified - for obvious reasons. Being humble means you give credit when credit is due, you serve first, and think later. You care more about the bigger picture than yourself. It takes a champion to own up to the qualities of a winner. To be able to find growth even admit failing without quitting. Be humble to pursue the greater good.


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