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The Crown Evolution

The Story of a Meaningful Symbol

With growth comes evolution. And it all began with one idea. America's Miss & Teen Sweethearts are adorned with a carefully crafted crown that is influenced by art, culture, and femininity. An iconic symbol portraying her inner beauty.  The crown is the iconic physical symbol of the America's Miss Sweetheart Organization. Through the years to come, it will serve as a reflection of history and the beauty of today's women.

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Our Crown Story

Award-Winning National Pageant receiving Pageant Planet's Best National Prize Package #5 spot in its first year - impressive.  Co-Founders, Sable and Barbara hand-sketched the very first crown sitting in the living room together, dreaming of an organization that will be a pivotal aspect of its participant's Meaningful Crown Journey - priceless. 

Crown Evolution

The Pioneer Crown (2020)

This inaugural crown design began the Sweetheart pageant despite the global pandemic. The crown was influenced by the royals and celebrates the beauty of women. 

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IMG_0357 2.JPG

The DecorArte Crown (2021)

Brand NEW America's Miss Sweetheart & America's Teen Sweetheart National Crown

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