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Why is a Positive Body Image Important?

“Remember that our bodies are always changing, and that’s okay. What’s really unhealthy is trying to fit into an unrealistic norm of what is seen as perfect.” ~Olakemi

Positive Body Image

How we feel about our bodies impacts how we live our lives, specifically in our mental health, our wellbeing, and how we feel about ourselves. While having poor body image is not a mental health issue, it is a risk factor for mental health problems. Not being satisfied with ourselves can increase the risk of eating disorders, psychological stress, and a poorer quality of life.

Happiness is not a Number

53% of American girls are “unhappy with their bodies” at 13 years old and the number goes up to 78% by the time they hit 17. 40-60% of elementary-aged girls are worried about getting “too fat”. 90% of people with eating disorders are women ages 12-25. A perfect body is pushed onto females of all ages, causing girls who have not yet gotten to high school to already be unhappy with their appearance. And they just get more unhappy with their looks throughout high school and college.

Celebrate Your Body

As a society, we need to stop focusing on numbers and start focusing solely on health and happiness. We need to teach young girls that nourishing our bodies is more important than being a certain size. We need to accept the fact that bodies constantly change throughout life and that is healthy and normal. Just like you may think someone else looks like the definition of perfect, there’s someone who views you as perfect just the way you are.

Shine Your Light

America's average size of a woman is not what is commonly depicted in media. Representation matters. The Sweetheart Organization is committed to providing a healthy body image environment, support, and major stage for women no matter their height or numerical size. Our stage will be fueled by confident women with the biggest hearts. That is the only type of beauty that truly is lasting.


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