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4 Daily Secrets to Start the Year Winning (Even NFL Champions Do This)

A much anticipated New Year is here for you to start strong and bright. Two time World Champion with the Denver Broncos, Rod Smith, an author of the best seller, The Rod Effect shares his winning secret to success with you. This will help you unlock the 4 secret winning habits NFL players use to unlock their greatness. Beware! You must commit to complete these 4 daily habits for this entire month to experience the difference.

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Are you ready?

Let's jump right in!

4. Manage your Finances!

Everyday track your progress on our goal. Invest in learning more about how to be a better steward of what you have. There are so many free resources out there.

If you do not know where to start, begin by setting a small goal. It is proven by tracking a goal and revisiting it often you are highly more likely to succeed at whatever your goal is.

Make a plan to save and invest. You are never too old or too young to start.

3. Get Moving!

Your body will thank you simultaneously as you get up and get moving. You will never regret a workout. A good workout is the one you did, don't be hard on yourself. Find the time to put yourself first so that you can be stronger, a force to be reckoned with. Dedicate 10 minutes to 45 minutes everyday to exercise. If you can not find time to get moving, begin to examine your daily habits. Cut out the aimless strolling on social media, avoid excuses, don't think just do it. One of our favorite resources is youtube, there are thousands of free trainings available from many experts.

If you lack discipline, don't worry. If you can start but not stick to a plan, you need accountability. If you get bored easily or fall back to old habits, you need a personalized fitness and nutritional training to prepare you for your best year yet!

You will have to check out Scott of STS Training. Scott is a nationally certified fitness, nutrition and mindset coach based in Arizona, America's Miss Sweetheart official trainer!

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Scott works with America's Miss Sweetheart, numerous Miss USA and Miss America titleholders and other pageant contestants, athletes and corporate leaders.

Here is a brief message directly from Scott to you!

...Just Start!

2. Meditate for Spiritual Growth

Our thoughts frame our mind and the mind controls the brain. Instinctively the way we think becomes our mindset. There is so much more to positivity than solely a way of thinking. It is a frame of mind, a systematic process. In order to see growth we must develop discipline, focus because motivation without it lacks growth.

Did you know the vagus nerve also called the wandering nerve is the longest nerve in the body? The vagus nerve goes from our brain to the gut! Fascinating and not coincidentally designed with ultimate perfection. Our mind, body, spirit and finances need to be managed. Managing your spirit on a daily basis through meditation will have amazing effects on the mind and body. Try downloading a meditation app like : Abide, Calm or Mindscape. All free apps!

Locking in the number 1 spot...

  1. The Mind - Everyday commit to managing your mind. The heart does play a key role in our mindset. Make a deposit. What we think or dwell on can either build you up or break you down. It all comes down to management and stewarding your thoughts. It is a daily practice.

Think like a champion, Sweetheart. Be you!

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