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Being Your Best Self

Let's Not Overthink This

We all have a habit (…or two) we could stand to break. Whether it’s constantly running late, practicing negative self-talk, or becoming the queen of procrastination- we all engage in actions that stop us from achieving our goals and being the best version of ourselves. Bad habits can be BEYOND tough to break, but the wise philosopher Aristotle once said, “You are what you do repeatedly”. Instead of letting our bad habits define you or act as a barrier, work on taking actions that reflect what you want to do and the type of person you want to be. Being your best self isn’t about being perfect, it’s about acknowledging your personal areas for improvement and working on them! Looking for a strategy on how to start breaking your own bad habits?

Track your habit! Over the next several days, take a moment to write down any and everything relating to your habit- what you did before, what you did after, and how you felt. Once you discover what triggers your bad habit, you can work towards making better decisions in the future.

Pick a new habit. While this technique may seem simple, we often replace old habits with a new one. If you plan to get rid of one habit, have better, more positive habit ready to take its place.

Remember you’re human! Again, breaking bad habits and working towards being your best self is not about perfection. Mistakes happen to even the best of us and aren’t anything to beat yourself up over. While the road to breaking a bad habit can have its ups and down, don’t let the occasional slip up bother you. Like Aristotle said, “You are what you do repeatedly.” If you are repeatedly working to improve yourself, those are the actions that define you!


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