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Life Reflects the Heart

As we collectively, end the year, we reflect. This quote from scripture seemed to hit the spot like a good cup of a warm London Fog on a cold winter day. Perfect reflection material. It's been quite a year, what an understatement.

"As water reflects the face, so one's life reflects the heart." Proverbs 27:19

Our hope for you is that this new year brings peace, health and more strength. 2021 is fast approaching. No one knows what it holds for us. There is only one thing we can control, ourselves.

Out of the heart is the reflection of our entire life. There are so many circumstances. So many concerns and cares. I'd like to think the heart is our battery and the mind is our control panel. If we can operate out of it with balance and compassion, what would that look like?

Maybe our purposes would become clearer. Maybe our hopes and dreams would reflect our actions. Maybe our promises would be left unbroken. Maybe we would not be fearful to do something new. Maybe we can be the small change we want to see in the world. Maybe we can let go of fear and hold on to faith. Maybe you can do the impossible. Maybe your light can shine even brighter. Maybe we can be the reflection we want to see in the world...

I believe this all to be true...

And we want to be right there to encourage you and coach you through the years!

May it be and come true!

Our team just completed our last team meeting of the year. We are so excited to unpack all that we have prepared for you. And because you are a Sweetheart Insider, you get to know first! You don't want to miss Leverage Your Crown Virtual Seminar packed with so many of the industries best experts we have to break it into several days. Join us January 9, 2021 for this awesome event. Registration is FREE and will begin soon. Sweethearts Mentorship Program will launch very soon, America's Sweetie just for girls ages 4-12 years old. We just can not wait for all 2021 has in store. Every 1st and 15th of every month, I will coach our titleholders throughout their reign at 7am-7:45am. My team and I want to get more involved and be with accessible to our titleholders making their impact stronger and meaningful. This year taught us how to pivot, grow and adapt quickly so that we can better serve you, so that you can reach your best version of yourself. Thank you for being a Sweetheart Insider. Thank you for following us on social media and engaging through the year. Thank you choosing America's Miss Sweetheart Organization. Thank you for making your crown meaningful even through a global pandemic that shows your true character of a queen. We salute you! From my team and family to yours... We wish you a healthy and prosperous 2021! xoxo! Have a sweet day, a sweet week and a sweet heart... oh and a sweet 2021! Sable Albanese, Co-Founder & President of America's Miss Sweetheart Org.


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